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Anti slip stair treads are available in Beige or Grey and come in 48-inch lengths which can easily be cut to size. Our patent pending non slip stair treads have a GRIP pattern has smooth channels between the diamonds to allow fluids to flow away from tread, reducing slickness.

Affordable and attractive stair tread covers for DIY installation.

ComposiGrip non slip stair treads have a tenacious GRIP - the best composite stair tread covers available. Frost, Ice, snow clean off easily - just tap surface with back of a broom then sweep off.

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Comoldco Corporation is the proud manufacturer of a unique proprietary product known commercially as 'ComposiGrip'  anti slip

stair treads. Fabricated of tough, durable fibreglass reinforced composites, ComposiGrip anti slip stair tread covers have a high-traction non skid surface with a tenacious GRIP. It is not a tape or coating, but is an integral part of the product, molded-in for durability.

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ComposiGrip non slip stair treads are: 

  • Termite resistant
  • UV protected
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Impervious to water
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • Low maintenance - Color is molded-in
  • Low-Smoke/Self-Extinguishing
  • Easy DIY installation, using common woodworking tools


These step covers /stair tread covers are NOT structural parts are are NOT designed to support full load of step. The load-bearing capacity of each step cover/stair tread cover is dependent upon the load-bearing capacity of the step it is covering.  These covers are NOT designed to bridge large voids or gaps. Deteriorated steps should be filled/repaired or levelled prior to installation of covers. All voids larger than 5 cm (2") diameter should be filled.

Installations on highpoint load applications (such as 'Bear-Claw' style gratings) should be made using ComposiGrip high strength "Industrial Step covers" use our Enquiry form on the Contact Us page for more details.

​Resurface worn slippery steps with

ComposiGrip anti slip stair tread covers 

ComposiGrip - Economical, Durable and Attractive

Slippery exterior wood steps resurfaced

with ComposiGrip anti slip stair treads

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