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  • Underbody Shields (UBS) for the Automotive Industry with or without co-molded thermal and acoustic attenuation
    • Non-corrosive product
    • Impact resistant
    • heat and noise attenuation
  • Miscellaneous Specialty Items:
    • Corrosion resistant fan blades & housings
    • Institutional Furniture
    • Dock hinges
    • Electrical insulators
    • Proprietary Anti-Slip Stair Products "ComposiGrip​"
  • Speaker Housings and Assemblies for large scale venues (industrial, arenas, outdoor concerts, etc.)
  • Kick Plates for Heavy Duty vehicles


Reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic 

compression molding (reinforced plastic parts):

  • Molding with inserts
  • De-flashing and finishing parts
  • Component assembly