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Cowl Insulator

Compression Molded SMC  UBS - Underbody Shield - View 1

Compression Molded SMC UBS

"ComposiGrip" our Proprietary anti-slip stair tread products

UBS with co-molded Thermal-Acoustic Insulation

Kick Plate for Heavy Duty Equipment -  Underside View showing Ribs for Strength

Compression Molded SMC  UBS - Underbody Shield - View 2

ComposiGrip Stair Tread in Grey

Large Venue Speaker diffusers and housings

Speaker Housing_Beige

Compression Molded SMC  UBS - Underbody Shield to fit Customer's Fuel Tank

Molded and precision trimmed COWL INSULATOR (thermal/acoustic)  for the automotive market

Kick Plate_Underside View
Speaker Diffuser with multiple fins

UBS -Underbody Shield with co-molded heat dissipating thermal insulator

Speaker Housing_Black