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Cowl Insulator

Compression Molded SMC  UBS (Underbody Shield)  topside view

Compression Molded reinforced thermoplastic Underbody Shield for the automotive market -underside view

Compression Molded SMC UBS

Compression Molded Reinforced Thermoset Dock Hinge

"ComposiGrip" our Proprietary Reinforced Fibreglass anti-slip stair tread products in Grey and Beige

UBS with co-molded Thermal-Acoustic Insulation

Compression molded reinforced thermoplastic Underbody Shield for the automotive market.-top side view

Kick Plate for Heavy Duty Equipment Underside View showing Ribs for Strength

Compression Molded SMC  UBS (Underbody Shield) underside view

ComposiGrip Stair Tread in Grey

Large Venue Speaker

diffusers and housings

Speaker Housing_Beige

Compression Molded SMC  

UBS  (Underbody Shield) to fit Customer's Fuel Tank

Molded and precision trimmed COWL INSULATOR (thermal/acoustic)  for the automotive market

Kick Plate_Underside View
Speaker Diffuser with multiple fins

Compression Molded SMC

UBS (Underbody Shield) with co-molded heat dissipating thermal insulator

Speaker Housing_Black